Published: 17th May 2023

BREAKING NEWS: GFM Animation will be teaming with Larry Kasanoff’s Threshold Entertainment and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment to produce animated feature film X FACTOR IN THE JUNGLE.

The musical family feature film will be based on Cowell’s singing competition TV show THE X FACTOR, which has run for 20 years with 178 international adaptations!

In the movie, a karaoke machine is tossed overboard from a singing boat and lands in a jungle.  It is seized by a mouse who is then challenged by both a jaguar and a rhino, who each want it.  A sing-off ensues, attracting a huge audience of animals & creatures who demand a song contest open to all.

The film is written by Emmy Award winning writer Sean Catherine Derek (Batman animated series, Smurfs, Pac-Man) and will be directed by long-time Disney director Kirk Wise (Beauty & the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis: The Lost Empire).

GFM Animation chairman, Guy Collins, said: “It’s a great opportunity for GFM Animation to work with such an iconic IP that is known literally worldwide and with Larry, Jimmy and Simon. It promises and will deliver a great cinematic experience for all age groups who love music and fun. The budget will enable top level voice casting and music collaboration fitting for this movie.”

Kasanoff said: “Our team is looking forward to creating this great musical blast based on this great TV show that is a true universal hit and working closely with Simon — a true legend.”

Cowell said: “I have loved this idea since I first was approached by Larry and the team at Threshold, and I’m delighted GFM Animation love it too. We all share the same vision for this fun, positive, family-friendly movie, and of course I’m equally really excited for the soundtrack too. I’ve always wanted to make animated movies and I plan for this to be the first of many!”

Pre-production will start this year with CG animation starting 2024 for distribution in 2026.