EFM 2021

Published: 20th February 2021
AFM 2020

The team are currently preparing for the forthcoming virtual edition of the EFM.  Attending this year will be:

Anna Pokorska – SVP International Sales (anna@gfmanimation.com)
Yi Hu – Sales Executive (yi@gfmanimation.com)
Guy Collins – Chairman (guy@gfmanimation.com)
Michael Ryan (michael@gfmanimation.com)
Fred Hedman (fred@gfmanimation.com)
Harry Alderson – Sales Coordinator (harry@gfmanimation.com)

Please get in touch to arrange a meeting and discuss our slate, including Blazing Samurai, 10 Lives, Humbugged!, A Greyhound of a Girl and Musketeers of the Tsar.